Borrowing at the Arctic Centre Library

The Arctic Centre Library is open for everyone. The material can be used and borrowed according the rules of the Lapland University Consortium Library. The basic rules are written here but there are some specifications and restrictions in the full text of the rules (see the right column).

The Lapland University Consortium has a common library card, but as a library card can also be used
  • student card which is adopted by the Lapland University Consortium Library
  • library card of any Finnish university library

Changes in address or personal information
shall be reported to the library
  • by Personal information changes form
  • by e-mail:        library.AC (at)
  • by phone         040 4844 286

The loan period
is 4 weeks for the books and one week for the journal issues. Books can not be borrowed from the book exhibition or from the reference room collection. Maps cannot be borrowed either.

The loans have to be returned or renewed on the due date at the latest. The customers will get an e-mail message of upcoming due date of book loans (not of short loans of journal issues) 3 days before the due date.  The first overdue notice will be sent the day after due date. The second overdue note will be sent 10 days after the due date.

The books can be returned to any library of the Lapland University Consortium Library but the journal issues shall be returned either to the Arctic Centre Library or to the Lapland University Library.

If nobody else has made a request for the book the loan can be renewed
  • in Juolukka database by personal login
  • at the library
  • by phone during the opening hours of the library, phone 040 4844 286
  • by e-mail:   library.AC (at)

If a book is on loan it can be requested. The request can be made either in Juolukka by personal login or by asking the library staff to do it either at the library or by e-mail or by phone.

Books can be asked for loan from other libraries of the Lapland University Consortium Library by asking from the library staff. There are no fees for getting loans from other libraries of the Lapland University Consortium.

The Arctic Centre Library delivers interlibrary loans and copies for Arctic Centre staff, only. The requests shall be made at the library or by e-mail. Other customers can use e.g. the ILL office of the Lapland University Library.
Library rules