Arctic Centre Library / Information retrieval

Information Retrieval in the Arctic Centre Library

You can ask information on northern and arctic issues in the Arctic Centre Library. There is books and journals on the themes that are presented in the Science Centres of Arctic Centre and Pilke and in the exhibitions of the Lapland Regional Museum. There is various material on northern and arctic issues on different disciplines.

In addition to the collections on the library shelves you can search for information in electronic resources: more than 70 international and Finnish databases, more than 12 000 e-journals, more than 40 000 e-books and several electronic reference collections. Links to these are in the Nelli-portal of Lapland University.

For remote use of e-resources you have to login to Nelli by your userID and password to the university network.

You can ask for help and advice in information retrieval from different sources of information. Courses of information retrieval can be arranged upon request.

The Arctic Centre is maintaining and developing arctic databases and portals dealing with research, international cooperation and politics, environment, traffic and maps of the Arctic and Barents region.

Lapponica- information service answers questions concerning Lapland, Sámi and the Finnish origin peoples, northern and arctic regions, on their history, nature, languages and cultures. There are librarians from 5 municipal libraries, museum researchers from 7 museums, and 6 other experts in other libraries and institutes. In addition to collaboration in Finnish Lapland, has Lapponica partners also in Northern-Norway, Kvensk institutt in Börselv and in Sweden Tornevalley, Nordkalottens kultur- och forskningscentrum in Övertorneå.